I think I actually got some good (and not all progress is)progress made on the ornaments yesterday. I don’t actually have a prototype yet, but I think the majority of the design has been solidified and I’ve worked through any particular kinks.

I also got some stock finished, packaged, labelled and inventoried to go to the Devon House shop. My aim is to have that shop supplied for Christmas by the end of the month so that I don’t have to do the reprehensible thing of pulling most of my stock from the shop for the Craft Fair and dumping back what doesn’t sell three days later.They hate it when people do that as it makes a tonne of paperwork. Really, if you plan things at all, you shouldn’t have to put them through it and keeping your shopfolks happy is always a good thing, especially since they determine more or less where to display your stuff. Now I might have some extra stock to drop off after the fair, but that’s apparently easier to deal with for them.

So today it’s off the drawing board and onto the prototype table. I’m actually able to get some work done during the days lately with Katherine around. We decided that we don’t use the dining room enough at this point to keep it as such and have switched it back to a living room. The ex-living room is now my studio and our family room, where the dogs, TV, Katherine’s toys and John’s work are all welcome. All I have to do now is get Katherine a separate work table so that she can use her craft stuff with me, but not get glue all over my projects.

On a wierd note, I got home from the Kids in Safe Seats meeting last night and tried to use the phone. No dialtone. I pushed a few buttons and eventually got a dial tone, after half a minute or so. All the phones were the same. Very strange. Called Larry and his phone was the same way. Called Aliant and they informed me that it was due to the final of Canadian Idol and folks voting for some guy named Rex. Apparently the volume of calls within Newfoundland during the evening topped Christmas. Why is that somewhat disturbing?

There should be a webpage for people who don’t have cable or time to watch it with synopses of shows and ongoing plotlines so that we don’t have to look like dweebs in public conversation.

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