Vicky Taylor-Hood is an ordinary woman, wife and mother, who woke up one day, looked in the mirror, and decided to change her life by refinding her fitness. She had no idea what this would really mean, how hard it would prove to be, or what adventures might possibly ensue. Her plan was to become a recreational long-distance runner and ordinarily-fit office manager, but life took a fortuitous twist. She discovered that she loves lifting weights and hasn’t looked back since.

She has competed at various international, national, and regional events and holds several national records over the past several years

She most recently earned the title of World Champion in the M1 84kg division at the 2016 IPF World Championships in Texas, USA.

She is a certified personal trainer and holds a Level One Nutritional Coaching Certification from Precision Nutrition. Her best lifts are a 350lb squat, 182lb benchpress, and a deadlift of 401lbs.

Before becoming a personal trainer, Vicky was the office manager of John Taylor Hood Law Office, where she provided legal assistance and administration. Her duties spanned everything from client management and liaison to payroll and human resources.

Prior to this, she ran her own business as a visual artist in which she created original art pieces, many of which are in private and public collections worldwide. She volunteered on many different committees of the Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador and served as Chair for a period. Vicky also taught fibre arts workshops locally and nationally, enjoying sharing techniques and tips with other enthusiasts and artists. As an artist, she discovered her love of teaching, her creative knack for problem-solving, and an appreciation for the potential of a vision, traits which flowed naturally into becoming an excellent coach.

Her knack for teaching translated well into coaching running clinics, which she did as a side interest to art. For three years, she coached groups of up to 40 runners in clinics ranging from beginner to 10k, modifying programs to suit individual abilities and needs. These clinics enabled her to explore the use of resistance training as an accessory to running and she incorporated mobility, strength and nutritional components into the seminars with the assistance of qualified professionals.

Educationally, she has a strong background in the Arts, with an MA in Religious Studies and BA (Hons) in Religious and Mediaeval Studies from Memorial University of Newfoundland, degrees which taught her excellent communication skills and honed her problem solving and research skills.

In addition to picking things up, she loves photography, backpacking, travel, and ice cream, (in no particular order and preferably together). She also makes an insanely good blueberry cheesecake.



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  1. Hello Vicky,

    I love your work! I would love to add you to my “BlOGS TO lOVE” list and be part of yours.

    Check me out!
    My Blog:

    Gabriela Delworth

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Your site is inspiring! My husband and I and our boys visited Newfoundland and Labrador 2 years ago (our first real family vacation!) , and found it absolutely amazing. I have just started playing with landscape applique, and like almost all fiber arts, I’ll *try* not to get addicted.

  3. Vicky says:

    Hi there, Vicky! Vicky here ; )
    Love your blog and that photo on your banner is amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Betty Avril says:

    I have inherited an old painting from my grandmother. It looks like a fishing or a whaling expedition. The artist’s signature is hard to decipher but it looks like “Merrill” or “Merritt”. The dunes are snow covered and the fishing boat is being pulled by horses to the sea where a large sailing vessel is moored. The fishermen are all bundled up and one or two look like they are wearing fur hats. I first thought it was a Cape Cod scene, but others have suggested Newfoundland or Greenland or even maybe Norwegian. Do you know what the fishing boats would have looked like in the 1800’s? Does the artist’s name ring a bell?

  5. Gen says:

    Hey Vicky. My son and I just received a “Dragonfly Ornament” from a relative that has just bought a home in St. John’s. It is absolutely beautiful. I am so happy to have this little master piece in my home and that is was sent from Newfoundland for me here in Azilda, Ontario, just outside of Sudbury. Keep up the amazing work and hopefully I can be there in person one day.

    Gen K D Plante-Boyle and Cody

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