Things I sometimes wish I could say to my athletes/clients (and sometimes do)

When I accept you as a client, I accept your fight as my own. Your struggles become (in part) my struggles. Your failures and successes sit on my shoulders as well as yours.


Then the laundry: what comes after the PR

I’ve had a superlatively good training cycle over the few weeks. There’s no getting around it. It started off rocky and I had a moment or two where I spoke quiet words to myself about integrity, goals, and said terse things like “get your fucking shit together, Hood,” and things picked up rapidly from there….

Systems, go!

My friend Andrew ( is a pretty smart guy. He helps companies develop processes and systems so that they work more efficiently and with better quality results and products. When someone needs to make a restaurant or manufacturing system work better, Andrew puts on his cape and flies in to look at what they’re doing…

A Daughter

I remember when I first laid eyes on Katherine, when they first put her, wrapped in a green blanket and pink cap, into my shaking arms and I remember vividly that first night when we stared at each other for hours. I was in awe and a little terrified of this totally new person that…

By default

“Yeah, but I didn’t lift because I won the spot. I was there by default, because the person who won at Nationals didn’t want to go.” An athlete and I were walking back to the hotel having a conversation about lifting and competing and the topic of winning (be it a place on a team…