A light in dark places

I’ve been sifting through the photos I took this summer while on Exploits Islands and will be posting some of them here. Many have already been posted on my twitter or Facebook accounts, but posting them here makes them more accessible.

Oil lamp in the evening

One of the themes that runs through much of my time at Exploits is the texture and quality of night, since we don’t use electricity in our house for lighting and the depth of darkness in a remote place has a smell, sound and viscosity unlike that of night in the city.

The sun dips behind the hills as the day ends on Exploits Islands.

Walking home at night after dark, I often leave the flashlight off and let the night enfold me. It’s a perfectly safe place. There are no dangerous animals and the people are benign and few. After an evening run, coming along the trail to home is a warm welcome.


When the days get shorter at this time of year and my workouts carry more into darkness, I find myself thinking of night on the island and searching for ways in which to feel the same tranquility and comfortable solitude of night on Exploits here in Torbay.

Eleanor and Katherine watch the day end.

One of the things I’ve always loved most about running at night is that sensation of being cloaked in the darkness, of being alone and invisible to most of the population. I can understand how some people (women in particular) might find this an uncomfortable situation, or one that makes them feel unsafe, but for me it’s quite the opposite.

There’s a freedom and security in night-time, just as there’s a serenity and beauty to a sunset. I’m going to try to enjoy the flavour of night more this winter, when it’s so readily available in vast quantity.


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