I’ve been “too” a lot of my life.
Too smart. Too forward. Too confident. Too strong. Too fat. Too muscular. Too clever. Too good at school. Too good at sports. Too good at too many things. Too knowledgeable. To loud or vocal. Too much. Too intimidating. 

Stuff I tell myself. Every damned time.

It’s about a month out from nationals. I’ve noticed via IG and FB that folks are feeling twinges and twangs of bodies pushing the limit of tolerance and strength. It’s also flu season, head cold season, and generally the time of year where bodies have to work harder to stay strong. So some are battling…

Brain gains

It was ABBA in the car on the way home from work that got my brain spinning out of its usual orbit. The intro beat and chords to “Does Your Mother Know?” blared from the radio and, with both eyes still on the wet road, my mind flashed back to being a kid again, and…