Poised and ready


The Dolphin II

I posted a version of this photo earlier in the summer, while on Exploits Islands, but I wanted to pop this one up now for several reasons.

Firstly, having limited bandwidth on the island, the resolution of the photo originally posted was not great. Looking at it on a tiny phone or camera screen did not reveal to me the  lack of crispness. So I’m reposting the photo here and replacing it in the original post. I may do this with several of the better shots as I go along.

Secondly, I did a small amount of digital touching up and I like this shot more now. I liked it before, but now it’s a little closer to my mind’s eye.

Finally, it rather suits my mood today. This picture feels to me like a moment of dynamic tension, caught by the camera. The boat is lifting and lowering on the swell just a little, the line is almost taut and the diagonals in the composition add a sense of impending action. At least, they do in my mind. Add to this the warmth and clarity of the shot and you have precisely my mood today; waiting for things to start happening and excited and confident about the whole situation.

Amazing what a little sleep and exercise will do for a person, isn’t it?



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