Side trip

We spun down into Flatrock today to watch waves. I’ll have more photos later, but this was my favourite of the day.

Sea Fever

Masefield had it right. We took a walk on Middle Cove Beach yesterday evening and found a bit of sea and spring fever..  


I’m still sifting my way through a summer’s worth of photos and reckon I’ve gotten through maybe half of them. I’m not usually one for hanging on and posting shots long after they were taken by me, but in this instance, it’s working well. I haven’t as much time to photograph things this month as…

The slow spiral

September is gone and October is suddenly here. The days have gotten manifestly shorter and slightly cooler and I’ve been eyeing my winter running gear with a little suspicion and loathing, not looking forward to the day when donning and shucking the gear needed to run 5k takes longer than the run itself. Waking up…