Bonfire on the Beach
1-second exposure in the dusk of evening. f25, ISO 200.

I’m still sifting my way through a summer’s worth of photos and reckon I’ve gotten through maybe half of them. I’m not usually one for hanging on and posting shots long after they were taken by me, but in this instance, it’s working well. I haven’t as much time to photograph things this month as I’d like, so having a stockpile of material is helpful. It was also frankly a relief not to feel obliged to edit thousands of images as soon as we returned from each trip.

I haven’t made many fire studies, but I think I may do so in the future. Fire, much like water, can do interesting things with timed exposures, often in unpredictable and exciting ways. A project for next summer, I suppose.


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  1. andreashesse says:

    The sharpness is thrilling. Did you release the shutter manually or with a remote? I could imagine the fall season to provide some nice backgrounds for fire pictures, too 🙂 Cheers, Andreas

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