Like blue velvet and diamonds

Velvet skies
Velvet skies, the view from our deck at night on Exploits Islands. 14.5 minute exposure with a wide-angle lens.

I’ve been plotting out a series of pieces and am started in on the skies and basic layouts for them. Sifting through photographs to jog my imagination has been a great help, since the skies on Exploits are a little different from the ones I find on the Avalon Peninsula. The clear nights are deeper and have more texture and the sunny days are bluer and richer somehow. Painting them requires a different touch of paint on fabric and different drying conditions, as well as a preemptive plan as to how the resulting fabric will be layer, stitched or otherwise manipulated to capture this depth.


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  1. Your passion for that little island is something else! Good to see it!

    1. VickyTH says:

      You’ll have to come out some time and see it. There are two (or rather four, when I get around to listing them) geocaches there!

  2. eleanor patey says:

    oh my!

  3. mjspringett says:

    great star trails and night sky, MJ

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