Falling Back

Took a wander through the fall foliage with John and Katherine last weekend. This is once of my favourite times of year and it was a delightful change to amble through life instead of sprinting from one thing to another. I’ve run these trails often and know every dip and bend, but walking them proved…

Side trip

We spun down into Flatrock today to watch waves. I’ll have more photos later, but this was my favourite of the day.


For our upcoming trip to Florida, I thought it prudent to have on-hand a waterproof and durable point-and-shoot camera, to take places that my DSLR should never go. So today I picked up the Olympus TG-820 and I’m fairly pleased thus far. Of course, in March in Newfoundland, finding a source of water in which…

Winter perks.

Somewhere on every photographer’s blog you will likely find an entry about winter sunrises. The cliché is not without merit, since sunrises are far, far easier to be awake for at this time of year. Harder on the fingers, when the windchill dips to the -20C range, but you’re more likely to be up anyway….

Happy Hallowe’en!

And a very festive Samhain to you all. Today is the day many things happen. First off, and I guess most importantly, today is the day that we take over John F. Dawson Law Office (we’re purchasing it) and it becomes John Taylor-Hood Law Office, PLC Inc. I don’t have a picture of that for…