For our upcoming trip to Florida, I thought it prudent to have on-hand a waterproof and durable point-and-shoot camera, to take places that my DSLR should never go. So today I picked up the Olympus TG-820 and I’m fairly pleased thus far. Of course, in March in Newfoundland, finding a source of water in which to test such a camera is tricky. Pools typically don’t allow camera hereabouts and fingers freeze faster than a camera can shoot in the ponds and oceans just now.

To circumvent this, I’ve been fooling around with the settings and then plunking it into the fish tank to test it.


So far I rather like it. I’m not used to the Olympus interface, but this camera has a couple of nice perks. I’ll write up a review of it after I play with it a bit more.



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