Side trip

We spun down into Flatrock today to watch waves. I’ll have more photos later, but this was my favourite of the day.

Sea Fever

Masefield had it right. We took a walk on Middle Cove Beach yesterday evening and found a bit of sea and spring fever..  

A glimpse

This has been a rather busy fall. So busy, in fact, that autumn has almost passed by without my noticing it. Since it’s my favourite season, this was a bit of an eye-opener for me. We took some time and went for a family ramble through the MUN Botanical Gardens on Sunday.

‘Tis Monday…

…and a fine specimen it is to be sure. Child is home sick (cold and fever) and I seem to be acquiring the cold symptoms as well, symptoms that I am studiously denying and will try to blast out of my head with a nice, long run later on. It’s amazing how much more appealing…

Poised and ready

  I posted a version of this photo earlier in the summer, while on Exploits Islands, but I wanted to pop this one up now for several reasons. Firstly, having limited bandwidth on the island, the resolution of the photo originally posted was not great. Looking at it on a tiny phone or camera screen…