I’ve been “too” a lot of my life.
Too smart. Too forward. Too confident. Too strong. Too fat. Too muscular. Too clever. Too good at school. Too good at sports. Too good at too many things. Too knowledgeable. To loud or vocal. Too much. Too intimidating. 

Stuff I tell myself. Every damned time.

It’s about a month out from nationals. I’ve noticed via IG and FB that folks are feeling twinges and twangs of bodies pushing the limit of tolerance and strength. It’s also flu season, head cold season, and generally the time of year where bodies have to work harder to stay strong. So some are battling…

One step backwards, three steps forward

“My goggles. Have you seen my special prescription goggles? I don’t think I packed them!” I was standing in the middle of the living room, surrounded by mountains of clothing, kayaking gear, food bags, blankets and assorted miscellany that was yet to be packaged into boxes and bags and then two small cars, looking around…

Mental wanderings post-meet

Mountains are really big. It’s a simple statement and not utterly profound, but until you’ve been surrounded by them and stood at the foot of even small ones, it doesn’t entirely hit home. They’re huge. So big, in fact, that you can’t see the whole thing when you’re up close. Daunting. And also somehow alive,…

Then the laundry: what comes after the PR

I’ve had a superlatively good training cycle over the few weeks. There’s no getting around it. It started off rocky and I had a moment or two where I spoke quiet words to myself about integrity, goals, and said terse things like “get your fucking shit together, Hood,” and things picked up rapidly from there….