A swiftly flowing current

I keep saying that I’d like for life to slow down just a hair, but the reality is that I’m the reason that my life doesn’t have many lulls. As I’ve said before, I am the Queen of Mistaking a Level Playing Field for Room to Add Something Else. I’ve been holding that title for…

Looks like dead mice: washing wool in the lock

I have been working my way through four pounds of a Rambouillet/Romney fleece, bit by bit, over the past several weeks. I really didn’t have any specific project plans for this fleece, other than to wash it, flick the tips of the locks open and spin from the lock into a bulky sort of yarn….

Before and After

Before and After – Romney/Rambouillet fleece during cleaning Here’s a quick look at the Rambouillet/Romney fleece (in the last post, it’s the one that took up the whole table) before and after washing. I used a two-hour hot soak with an enzyme-free dish soap, followed by another hot soak without soap and then a final…

A very short post

Cats. Do not. Belong. In a dye studio. ‘Nuff said. Note: VIM with bleach completely removes dye from laminate flooring, some painted walls (careful not to strip off the paint too), vinyl kitchen flooring, laminate kitchen counter-top, phones, human flesh, plastic window frames, white metal ovens, sinks, glass and even sealed wood.

A practical post, or “a ten minute job”

It’s spring cleaning week around here, which means that I do all those things that get done weekly such as cleaning the bathroom, mopping the floors, and vacuuming, as well as those things that I typically never get to (cleaning the heat core and screens of the air exchange, washing walls, cleaning curtains, touching up…