Battery Resident

I’m up to my ears in meetings today and haven’t much time to write, but I thought you might like to meet a gull that we spotted, nesting on the rocks below the Blue Moon Pottery Studio in The Battery, St. John’s, Newfoundland. More tomorrow, I promise!

Oh so snowy

Update: General consensus among my bird-watching friends who have reviewed the pictures and assessed the plumage is that this owl is probably a “she” and not a “he” as was originally written. I concur and add that this owl was larger than I was expecting, having seen other male snow owls, which adds credence to…

Why did the spruce grouse cross the road?

Probably because I chased him. He wouldn’t fly though, despite the fact that I had the camera all set up to capture the beating of wings and fluttering  of feathers; he just skittered as fast as his snowshoe feet could take him across the road and into the ditch.

An interloper in the duck pond

The Bowring Park (link takes you to a pdf map and index of the park) duck pond, which has a fluctuating population of hundreds of mallard, black, pintail, and hybrid ducks, along with a few swans and half a New York city-block’s-worth of pigeons, currently also has a cormorant. They don’t usually hang out in…