All a-flutter

Katherine and I went to a Craft Council meeting this morning and afterwards, at the wonderful suggestion of Laurie Dempster, went to the Butterfly House in Bowring Park. It’s a project of the Newfoundland Insectarium in Deer Lake, in conjunction with the Bowring Park Foundation. They’ve turned the greenhouse, which is adjacent to the duck…

“There are no badgers…”

I wander around daily, often to much enlightened gratification and mirth. Today was no exception, as Don Murray’s Viewpoint column was both a chuckle and an educational refresher. It’s easy to see exactly where John Mortimer was coming from….. For the official UK Parliament page, try here. More on the House of Lords (from…


Well this has killed any desire I may ever have had at any point in time (and probably any I might have in future, to boot) to venture within 100 miles of the Amazon River. Ew.

What would you do?

Whenever there’s a natural disaster somewhere in the world of a magnitude that causes us in North America to sit back in stunned and appalled shock, one of our first reactions is always, “well thank heavens it’s not here”. Most Canadians live in a world in which natural disasters are minimal. Grass fires, floods, hurricanes,…

Enough already!

Okay, quit it with the snow. I mean it. I don’t know or care who’s responsible (pick a deity, weatherman, or neighbours who buy large expensive snow-toys thus invoking some bizarre karma and you know who you are), but we’ve got plenty now you can go bother people in British Columbia thank you very much….