Enough already!

Okay, quit it with the snow. I mean it.

I don’t know or care who’s responsible (pick a deity, weatherman, or neighbours who buy large expensive snow-toys thus invoking some bizarre karma and you know who you are), but we’ve got plenty now you can go bother people in British Columbia thank you very much.

Seriously. Go west. Coat the prairies. They need it.

Snow Day

Yesterday was a snow day (as you can see above). John didn’t go to the office and quite wisely didn’t even try. The RCMP were advising people to stay off the roads and certain sections of the TCH were listed as blocked, impassable and closed. We got some obscene amount of the white stuff (reports vary from 25cm to 40cm) and the roads were non-existent. The overnight situation was sufficiently dangerous for all snowclearing machines and personnel to be pulled off the roads. Buses and taxis weren’t operating either. The scene out here in Torbay became utterly rural as a veritable hive of snowmobiles buzzed here, there and everywhere rejoicing in the lack of ploughing.

In fact, Torbay does a better-than-average job on the plough front and we’re really quite impressed. That they weren’t able to keep up with the snowfall and drifting says volumes about… well… the volume.

So we snuggled up at home and drank coffee while Katherine ricocheted off the walls. Then we suited up and shovelled the driveway. It took us about two hours working together, but we had to do it in two shifts as the wind was blinding. We are quite lucky, in many ways, as the far end of our driveway falls off in a steep slope, thus giving us a place to simply push snow. No lifting required. The photo below is taken from the bottom end of our driveway, looking towards the back yard. We shove snow off to the right.
Sunset in MIddle Cove

Something to think about when you buy a house is where are you going to put the snow…….?? Unlike my poor father, who was faced with this:

Last seen floundering...

Nice, eh?

So we cleared a path for the car. The drifts were high, but not insane, as we weren’t obliged to throw snow on top of them:

We escaped!

When afternoon came, it brought gloriously sunny weather, I’d had enough of being shut in and there was no food. We mosied about for a while, bought milk and tormented those with snowbanks by photographing their endeavours.

Some of the ramps on and off the Ring Road (major highway) weren’t cleared at 4:30pm, but we got there eventually. Plough drivers can work amazingly preciely and efficiently. The winds were still moderate and snow was still drifting. It was rather pretty:

The Outer Ring Road

General consensus seem to be, though, that this should about round out our quota for the season. In fact, leave this much on the ground and occasionally dust it with 2cm for cleanliness and ski-ability and we’re good for the rest of the winter.

After all was said and done, though, it didn’t turn out too badly. And we had a glorious end to the day, as you can see by this picture of the sunset, reflecting off the eastern sky (this picture looks out towards Middle Cove to the east) and casting a warm glow over a rather chilly world.
End of the Day

But it’s back to life as usual today. Luckily we’re due for a string of nice days this week!


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Robert says:

    Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey! Hey you! NO SMIRKING! (Re: above comment.)

  3. laura says:

    Ah, yes. It is a good thing to consider where all the snow will go before buying a home here. I might add that figuring out where a hypothetical snowblower may be stored is also worthy of consideration 🙂

  4. RDCT says:

    Thanks for not wishing it upon Florida!

  5. Ellen says:

    you guys got hit good again !!

    We’ve been soooo lucky this winter missing all the storms. there is nothing here but very cold temps.

    hope it all soon goes away and gives you guys an early spring !!!

    Nice pictures tho !!

  6. David says:

    RDCT said: “Thanks for not wishing it upon Florida!”
    When’s Hurricane season?!?

    On the advancing seasons, and commenting on them, I’ve been offered opinions that range from Pat’s “quit bragging about the weather” to that of Erika (the Admin Clerk at my office, whose son is in ‘Winterpeg’) who states “Rub it in!”

    Decisions, decisions…….

    Beautiful sunsets, though…..

    the people in British Columbia!

  7. arlee says:

    No no no not fair–do not send it past the Rockies–we had our share–give it to Alberta!

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