I’ve been “too” a lot of my life.
Too smart. Too forward. Too confident. Too strong. Too fat. Too muscular. Too clever. Too good at school. Too good at sports. Too good at too many things. Too knowledgeable. To loud or vocal. Too much. Too intimidating. 


Katherine asked a question the other day and I’m not sure I handled it all that well. It has been a somewhat crazy fall for all three of us and Christmas sort of snuck up on us. When we went out to eat a couple of weeks ago, my mind wasn’t on the holidays at…

A Daughter

I remember when I first laid eyes on Katherine, when they first put her, wrapped in a green blanket and pink cap, into my shaking arms and I remember vividly that first night when we stared at each other for hours. I was in awe and a little terrified of this totally new person that…