Ville de Québec

We spent the Labour Day weekend this year in Québec City. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision based on a profound need for some time spent exploring, just us three and may have been one of the nicest little vacations I’ve ever had.         We have never really travelled. It was something that we just…

Side trip

We spun down into Flatrock today to watch waves. I’ll have more photos later, but this was my favourite of the day.

Sea Fever

Masefield had it right. We took a walk on Middle Cove Beach yesterday evening and found a bit of sea and spring fever..  


Since taking over this office (that sounds a little hostile, doesn’t it?) we’ve done a number of things to make the place more ours and more functional. One of my favourite projects, setting up the fishtank, serves both purposes. (end of December 2012) Firstly, it gives of us a built-in de-stressing zone. Law can be…