Bits and bytes

The past few days have been jam-packed. I hardly know where to start! So, in no particular order…. On Saturday we meandered out to Linda Lewis’ place in Chapel Cove to visit the sheep and pick up a spinning wheel part. I ordered a jumbo flyer for my wheel because having to stop part-way through…

A Book

I finished the first of two (or possibly three) books I’m working on while reviewing Live & Learn: Real Life Journals by Gwen Diehn and thus far I’m really enjoying the bookmaking process, the design process as laid out in Real Life Journals and the results! Here are a few photos of Book Number One….

Shop Update

Here’s a quick photo-rich post of items now in the shop! Now I’m off again to the design table!    

The wool over my eyes

The shop has been updated with a few new skeins of handspun! Go have a look! Then come back and read some more….. 😉 Someone asked me the other day what wool spun from the lock looks like.  I suppose it can differ quite a bit, since the fibres (their staple length and quality) and…

Yesterday’s results

As promised, here are the photos of yesterday’s spinning. The brightly-coloured piece is N-plied or Navajo-plyed, which preserves the colour singularity nicely. I quite enjoy the rhythm of N-plying, once I get going on it. It makes a slightly weaker yarn in theory, but I’ve never found this to be a real difficulty if there’s…