Spinnin’ yarns a bit

I spent much of today alternating between the wheel and paperwork. I’ve been getting papers ready for finishing up the income tax (yay!) and have been writing up my dye formulae and inserting photos along with to make a sort of a personal catalogue of results and the like. It makes it the heck of…

Sea Monsters and Mermaids – quick shop update

Katherine helped me dye some more fibre yesterday. She thinks it looks like water dragons; I see mermaids as well as monsters in it. I really like the Merino/Seacell blend. It’s light and shimmery and I think it’ll have a really nice drape to it.

Project Beginnings, part 1

I’m a little behind in recording this project on the blog, so I’ll try to catch up as best I can. In order to make this readable and because I think and write more clearly if I divide it up in stages, I’m going to do this chronologically. I am fortunate enough to belong to…


Update: these pieces are sold, but I have others here that are similar. Please contact me using the contact form below if you are interested. These are among the batch that is foiled and ready to go off to shops (on consignment). They also come in golden, wintry light blue and autumnal russet backgrounds. If…

Studio clear-out sale

I am, in the spirit of spring, clearing out some stock from my studio. You can see the first lot posted here. All of the stock is of good quality. There is nothing wrong with it other than I simply need the space (both physical and creative) more than the stock at present.