Studio clear-out sale

I am, in the spirit of spring, clearing out some stock from my studio. You can see the first lot posted here. All of the stock is of good quality. There is nothing wrong with it other than I simply need the space (both physical and creative) more than the stock at present.

Burn, baby, burn!

Some time ago I promised to try out the effect of pyrotechnics on textiles. My intention was to grab a few samples of my work and set them ablaze. Since then, I’ve wussed out repeatedly on burning up things I’ve made. I couldn’t even come up with a “hit list” of designated ignition targets. It…

Let’s talk about socks

This won’t become a knitting blog. I promise. Lately, though, as a part of my lifestyle modification and knitting diet, I’ve been knitting what seems like an awful lot of socks. The most recent are: Tropicana – free pattern here. The stitch looks like this (and is incredibly easy to remember): This pair was knitted…

Toasty feet

Just finished off the Jaywalker socks, mentioned in this earlier post (details about the wool and pattern can be found there). What a fun pattern to knit! Fast, too. This pair took a week, in and around other things.

A shot in the arm at a slow time of year

Found in the mailbox today…… Sometimes I get the (obviously erroneous) feeling that all the work putting together proposals and filling out forms is much hassle for little reward. Things like this reaffirm that taking that little bit of extra time pays off. What a way to kick oneself out of the doldrums of winter,…