Update: these pieces are sold, but I have others here that are similar. Please contact me using the contact form below if you are interested.

These are among the batch that is foiled and ready to go off to shops (on consignment). They also come in golden, wintry light blue and autumnal russet backgrounds. If you are interested in one of the above, or any other colour variation, please fill out the contact form below (careful not to confuse it with the comment form!).

blue birches

dk blue& grn birches

5.5″ x 9″
Hand-dyed cotton background with commercial fabric for the trees.
Details are hand-inked and the leaves are gold, silver and copper foils.
Price: $38 CDN

a quickr pickr post


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Val says:

    These are lovely. So clear and clean looking with beautiful backgrounds. Truly delicious!

  2. spiralsun65 says:

    These are just stunning; what beautiful work! (I found your blog via the fabric journals blog link)

  3. LoriW says:

    The next time we see you in your booth we plan to purchase a birch… I guess we could go to the Shop in the meantime… but it’s always better in person.

  4. Dolores Monet says:

    Dramatic, dynamic, and incredibly beautiful.

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