Spinnin’ yarns a bit

I spent much of today alternating between the wheel and paperwork. I’ve been getting papers ready for finishing up the income tax (yay!) and have been writing up my dye formulae and inserting photos along with to make a sort of a personal catalogue of results and the like.

It makes it the heck of a lot easier to replicate results with specific fibres and colours when you have everything organized and can look things up by photo instead of by “whatever neat name you called them by at the time you dyed them”. Since I’ve done a few batches of most colour-ways in varying fibres, I printed out photos and stuck them in with the dye numbers and proportions. I also made up a handy digital document with those photos and photos of what various colour-ways can look like spun up. Now if someone says, “Yeah, I want *that* colour combo on silk/merino and what does it look like after spinning?” I can do it without stabbing in the dark AND I can easily show them one example of the fibre’s potential results (results being highly variable things and depending on yarn thickness, technique chosen, etc.).

I also spun up this little bit of 80/20 Merino/Silk (I believe it was about an ounce) into a Navajo-plied skein of 64yds. (Photo of results tomorrow):

The "before" picture

Then I finished off this lovely skein of super-soft Merino, 3-plied with a sliver of silver thread:


Which looks pretty cool out of focus, too. Like looking at a Christmas tree without your glasses on:


And got most of the way through this pile of delightful top, which I should be able to finish off and ply this evening (knock on wood).  I will have more results to show tomorrow….

Silk/merino "Irises"

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  1. crys says:

    wow. How do you tear yourself away from gazing at this stuff?

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