Catching up

I’ve been climbing these stairs a lot lately. The combination of meetings, picking up paperwork, more meetings, clay classes, dropping in for a consultation with various folk and so forth have cemented the autopilot in my mind such that I find myself drifting towards Devon House (and the Craft Council) when downtown for other matters….

Eggses, precious

Today we decided to decorate some eggs. A year or two ago, I bought a complete pysanky kit (dyes, waxes, kistkas and all the paraphernalia) at the Craft Council Seconds Sale, thinking it would be a fun activity for me and Katherine sometime. Boy was it ever! We blew the eggs first, which is atypical….

Olympic mittens

Two years ago, Vancouver hosted the Winter Olympics and I designed a mitten pattern. I designed it because the Olympic mittens that were all the rage (red, with white rings on the back) and made by The Bay were almost impossible to get and silly-expensive. So I made up this pattern: And people liked it….

An uneasy truce

After an incident the other night, in which a testudine tail was knocked awry by a somewhat vigorous bleater and required immediate surgery with superglue, I decided that enough was enough. While the turtle was in recovery, I brought in a mediator. He was a man (I think. Could be wrong.) of wisdom and sagacity,…

Keeping space

One of the perils of working in your own home is that your workspace and the household’s space often blend and merge in ways that challenge the sanity and work habits of the occupants. I know some craftspeople manage to completely segregate their work and living quarters, but I’m just not one of those. I’m…

Snow day

Today was a snow day here in St. John’s, Newfoundland. We got about 25cm (that’s a little shy of a foot, for those among you who are of the Imperial Forces) in the span of around 12 hours, with high winds and treacherous driving conditions. Sane people stayed home, baked bread, made chili and did…