Socks with a friend


I knit up a pair of socks over the weekend, using wool that I dyed and spun in a previous post. They’re a straight-forward pattern that I have knit before to fit my own feet perfectly. I needed a new pair of Birkenstock socks since I insist on wearing sandals after March 21st and it appears that spring won’t be happening anytime soon. So I made  socks and was trying to photograph them this morning:

_DSC8648 copy
Yes, I know they don't match. They're supposed to be "delightfully asynchronous". It makes people ask questions.

Rowan appears to think that socks look better with dogs in the picture. Frankly I agree, although I think the dog rather steals the show.

_DSC8651 copy
Hi. I'm here! You can take pictures again!

Or maybe she was just glad to have me alone on the couch after a weekend full of people going everywhere.

_DSC8656 copy


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  1. decorartuk says:

    Great socks and a lovely doggy – warmth, love and friendship, nothing can be better!

  2. Cheryl Marie says:

    I am a fan of non-matching socks as well – so interesting! I love the picture in your heading – is this your studio? It looks unbelievably wonderful!

  3. Kathy says:

    Love the socks! And the dog! She looks very similar to a rescue at Glen Highland Farm, so I was startled to see her face above your socks. lol Spring’s here, although it’s playing coy…snow this morning, but that’s mostly gone (thank goodness). Love the peek of your art quilts in the photos.

  4. susanleestudios says:

    Asynchronous socks do not come from &$#-mart.

    That last shot is awesome, could’ve been a contender in the “Capture Craft” contest.

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