Think of these as the “before” pictures…..

Rowan and I walked home from Middle Cove Beach, yesterday afternoon.

_DSC8661a copy
That white lump is a very small iceberg. 10% of a very small iceberg, to be precise. 90% is underwater.

There was some slub ice on the beach.

_DSC8663a copy

Some bits were floaty…

_DSC8664a copy
Floating bits. They hiss and crackle in the water as they melt and the pressurized air bubbles are released. True!

But we wanted a closer look at that little berg and headed up the East Coast Trail (heading north).

_DSC8669a copy

And got the look we wanted!!

Nice little berg with wonderful colours!! This is how it came off the camera, too. No fooling around or photoshopping done with this image at all.

Things have changed since then. I’ll hopefully have more pictures for you on the current state of Middle Cove soon….


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  1. Crisp, clear and beautiful! Lovely photos.

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