Another gasp of winter

Red Cliffs, Logy Bay
Red Cliffs, Logy Bay. My favourite shot from yesterday. Clicking it will take you to a larger version on a black background (more visually striking).

This shot was taken along the East Coast Trail, near the Ocean Sciences Centre, in Logy Bay. The view of Red Cliffs from here is spectacular and ever-changing. I was struck by the crispness of the light and the way in which the new snow (hopefully the last for the year!) outlines the details of the topography.

If you look carefully, you can see a white line along the horizon. That’s the pack ice, sitting just off the coast, waiting for an easterly wind to bring it ashore for a visit. We had 36cm of snow (that’s just over a foot, for you folks of the Imperial Forces) on Friday night through Saturday, leaving everything newly-dusted with what we all hope will be the last snowfall of spring.

Happily the sun has been fairly strong and is melting the snow quite rapidly. I’ve had about enough of winter!


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  1. mjspringett says:

    me too, lovely image, thanks MJ

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