I have a blog? Am I nuts?

Originally uploaded by Vicky & John.

Right. So I’m committing myself to doing yet another THING regularly. I’m certifiable.

Actually, my initial thought was to use this blog to document “The Creative Process” of the next year, as I get things ready for the gallery show in October of 2006. Of course, what it will probably turn into is me grousing about all the other things in my life that seem to get in the way of getting ready for that show. Sigh.

I HAVE made a good start. Really. I have most of the ideas hammered out. Sketches drawn. A couple of pieces half-finished. Lots of good intentions. Plenty of material upon which to draw.

Wish this ruddy rain would let up. Four dogs and a toddler stuck inside during a downpour is no joke.

I need a digital camera. I’ve decided to bite the bullet. First I have to find the money to buy the bullet, but when I do, I’ll bite it.


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