Flex-scheduling – argh!

I know it’s been said before and I know it’ll be said again, but why, oh why does anyone ever CHOOSE a flexible schedule? And, let’s be realistic here, how much work really gets done. I don’t know what it is, but either some minor catastrophe needs dealing with (i.e. dog barf, waterbowl knocked over, washing machine unbalanced, skinned knee, etc.), someone phones, an event gets planned for times when I can actually work (i.e. evenings and weekends) or something else knocks work out of the water.

Realistically, I can’t blame people for scheduling things on evenings and weekends. Most normal people have a bit of free time then. And I can’t blame people for phoning. If I didn’t want them to, I shouldn’t have a phone. What gets my large, hairy goat is when people get ticked that I don’t answer the phone (that’s WHY I have a machine) or seem offended when I tell them I can’t talk.

Frankly, being able to procrastinate about work is one of my own personal albatrosses anyway. I don’t need help.

Rant, rant, rant……

So having killed ten minutes on the computer, I’m going to get cracking on my ornaments and the hanging thingies Laurie and I are making for the show.

Hanging thingies is perhaps too vague a term. They’ll be more like tubular hanging lanterns, made out of sheer materials, with landscapes around them. We’re dithering on lighting them from inside, but that can be hashed out later. The one I’m thinking on now is made primarily of organza with layers of tulle and organza for clouds, metallic stitching for details and possibly beads. Not sure how paint will stick to organza, but we shall see……

The photo posted here was actually part of the inspiration for the lanterns in my mind – hanging columns of sunshine and shadow symbolising transitions between ideas. I must say, Flickr is really helping my level of inspiration. I’m sorting through more ideas now than I have in weeks…..

Need more coffee.


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  1. John Gushue says:

    Hi there –

    Good luck with your blog; I found my way here from Heather Patey’s blog.
    One small note re: your links – we CBC employees are not on strike; we were locked out. It’s a distinction that’s important, as we have been prevented from going to work.
    I hope this ends soon!
    Best wishes,

  2. VickyTH says:

    Right! There is indeed a big difference, although the effects on my life are unfortunately the same. Rotten news. I’m not too kicked up on the ads on the website, either. I’ve fixed the link – you’re now locked out as opposed to stricken.

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