Lately I’ve been craving Exploits (n.b. Exploits is “Exploits Islands”, two islands in Notre Dame Bay, formerly joined to each other by a bridge and 9 miles from the mainland. We have a house there.). I know this is a case of, “well, you should have thought of that earlier in the summer and gone, idiot!”, but we honestly couldn’t afford to go this year and there were other reasons as well that were relevant at the time.

Friday, as Katherine and I were wandering through the field in the drizzle, the smell and feel of Exploits in August hit me like a wave. I’m thinking that next year I’ll go down with K for six weeks or so, two of which John will be able to do and the other four will possibly overlap with other visitors and will allow me to get some painting and work done.

Mom heard about this idea and wants to come down for the whole time with me, but I’m thinking that I’d like a week or two without Mom and Dad around. It’s damned hard to say that to Mom, though, as she doesn’t like going down by herself. What would be ideal would be if she could find some friends who were interested in going and overlapped with me for a week or two on one end or another of our stay there. Logistics to be worked out next year.

Whatever comes, John and I are getting out of town next year for vacation. We stayed around this year and the phone rang non-stop, mostly with friends, which was okay, but also with people wanting us to do things, which was not. Not doing that again! Things got better after we turned off the ringer and let the machine take the calls, checking them now and again.

So next year I’m going to Exploits. My show is in October, so I can cheerfully use the excuse (actually, legitimate reason) that I need to get some more pictures, get some write-ups done and finish off a couple of pieces. All of which will be perfectly true!

Only a little over a year to go. Gulp.

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