Kicking of self in the pants

It’s actually harder than it looks, especially if you don’t settle for the heel-kicking action. A good, solid instep kick in the behind is truly impossible to achieve for yourself, which is why most of us need a catalyst (really desperate cases need a catapult, but I’m not quite there yet).

Last week Sharon LeRiche from the Craft Council called and asked me if I was submitting an ornament for the Christmas fundraiser. I had been mulling around an idea for a new product anyway which might just fit the bill and told her so. I said I’d probably have something in the next week or so.

Life intervened. Melba the geriatric greyhound, had a rough week, I’ve been trying to get stuff made for the shop so that I don’t have to worry come November, the ideas from my last meeting with Laurie D. regarding our show are starting to bear fruit, John and I spent time planning and putting up the clothesline, and John had trial prep to do which necessitated long days of All Katherine, All the Time for me. Poor kid. So a week passed and the ornament went clean out of my head.

We dropped by my folks yesterday and Mom reminded me of the ornament. That I was supposed to have done. For last Friday. Shit.

Spent today panicking and trying to get some headway made on it. Life still wouldn’t go away. Dealt with a crapload of urgent Kids in Safe Seats stuff. Had a napless kid (arg). Remembered that Stephanie Porter is supposed to be calling me today or tomorrow to do an interview for The Independant THIS WEEK, meaning I need to have the house and some promo material ready for her. It’s going to be a busy night.

On the plus side, I finally found the template for the violin cover I was supposed to have made in April. I should be able to knock that into shape this evening during a break from designing.

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