Occasional glimpses that we’re doing something right

Yesterday, as I was working on a few details of the prototype of the new ornaments, I showed Katherine what I’d done. She was fascinated, as she usually is with anything that anyone makes, and wanted to “help”. I gave her the job of Bead Helper (which, in case you didn’t realise it, means dumping a $5/ounce case of minute beads all over the floor and claiming it was an accident and therefore covered under the Mommy-will-clean-it-up Insurance policy. No deductible.). We picked up the beads, I finished the ornament and then Katherine looked at me very gravely and said, “I’m so proud of you Mommy,” which is what we say to her when she does something terribly difficult.

A few days ago, I told her I was going to make supper. She went off to read a few books for a bit. I had just started chopping things when she poked her head around the corner and queried, “Vicky, do you need a hand?”

To complete the picture, she proved that she has a fair degree of smarts when playing with the quilted apple tree wallhanging. The apples velcro onto the hanging, only not all the apples have the eyelet part of the velcro; the velcro hooks and eyes are somewhat mixed up between tree and fruit. She tried vainly to hook the apple with eyelets to the tree spot with eyelets. Finely, she dropped the apple in frustration. Not realising the tenacity with which I was dealing, I figured she’d given up and went back to whatever it was I was doing. A little while later, I checked on her to find that she’d pushed a kitchen chair to the counter, climbed up, opened the cupboard and taken down the glue (good memory!). She had then glued the apple onto the tree. She was looking quite self-satisfied! Luckily the glue was water-soluble!

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  1. If you say it, you’ll hear it again, guaranteed. (No matter what it is and whether you should have said it!) Go Katherine!

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