Das Puppenhaus

Right. I’m way behind in these posts. No way I can entirely ake it up without being tedious, so I’ll hit the high points in a few shorter blurbs.

I finished the house for Katherine and had it wrapped and ready for Christmas. The details of its origin and significance are in an earlier post.

furnishedHere are some photos. She absolutely loved it and enjoys playing with it. It’s still up for grabs as to whether she has as much fun playing with it as I had in making with it, though.

Thinking of making another at some point for myself. Different layout and all….

rooms 1

rooms 2


2 Comments Add yours

  1. sarai says:

    That’s just beautiful! Makes me appreciate miniatures in a way I never did when I was a small child.

  2. eleanor patey says:

    Katherine still has that!! it really is quite beautiful. the array of never ending patterns is lovely!

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