I’m not much a winter person. I mean, I like looking at it and all, but it’s not my favourite time of year.

The whole absence of daylight thing begins to wear on me rather quickly; sunrise was at 7:49 this morning and sunset is at around 4:30 this afternoon. I know they have it worse in Iqualuit, which is why I have nothing but the most profound admiration for anyone who voluntarily lives their year way the heck up there. I couldn’t do it.

The other problem with winter is clothing. You have to wear too much of it and around here, you can never tell if you’ll be battling wind, rain, sleet, hail, snow, cold or all of them at once. Putting on that much clothing to run to the store for a bag of sugar is a nuisance. Trying to cram a toddler into the same amount of clothing while attiring onesself is even more fun. If you dress them first, they strip while you put on your own things, but if you get your own duds on before battling them, you roast.

Thus far, however, we haven’t been hit very hard by winter at all. December 30th was clear and blue and January first was equally warm, albeit cloudy. We got a dusting of powder yesterday, but nothing to worry about just yet. January and February are obviously pulling their punches for now.

What would be nice would be a few smallish snows and a few largish ones, with the heavy snowfalls timed to be at their worst at around 7am such that everything shuts down.  We need enough snow in the woods that water isn’t a problem next summer, but not so much that we have no where to put it. So here’s my weather order for the winter:

  • Weekly precipitation of no more than 10cm of snow (mm of rain).
  • No freezing rain
  • Any snowfall over 20cm must be timed so as to close everything immediately thereafter
  • enough regular snow to keep things looking pretty
  • our usual February thaw, to knock the snowbanks down again
  • enough good snow for the skiers
  • cold enough temperatures to minimise the idiotic deaths of snowmobilers, but not so cold as to make being outdoors unbearable
  • as much sun as possible during daylight hours

Must fire this one off to the weather office…..


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  1. mary hood says:



  2. sarai says:

    Nice template. 🙂

    have you considered moving? Maybe the Kootenays in BC fill most of your order. Southern Alberta too… it’s a dry cold, so you don’t feel it, and there are chinooks.

    But, sometimes winter is the price we pay to live in a place we love.

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