We Have a Winner – Post scriptum to yesterday….

Ferg solidified her Top Doghouse Occupant Position yesterday by eating (off the table, while no one was looking) a $25 block of good parmesan. All I can say is that she’s darned lucky it was Thursday. (We only beat dogs on Mondays around here.)

For those of you reaching for the phone to dial the SPCA – IT’S A JOKE.


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  1. sarai says:

    Around here, we’d be saying the cheese was worth more than the dog and threatening the dog with “Blue Juice Row.” (Also in jest. Must be some kind of a coping mechanism.) I feel your loss-of-cheese pain…

  2. Nancy Burden says:

    $25 for one block of cheese?

    I wanna come to your house for pasta night.

  3. vickyth says:

    For the record, we had fresh tortellini under spiced chicken, sautéd with red and yellow peppers, garnished with hot peppers and roasted garlic topped with $2 of a $27 block of cheese. Plus a rather nice bottle of Pieroth wine.

    Next time I buy obscene quantities of excellent cheese, I promise to post an advisory in advance, complete with time, menu and address. I’ll also lock up the dog.

    FYI: Next weekend is cheesecake test run – we’ve been invited to a cheesecake part/contest and I’ve been working on recipes that need a trial cook-up.

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