On the design wall this evening…

I’ve been working through a variety of Abstract-Challenge challenges that I’ve neglected or omitted over the past year. This one is for the “Landscape” theme of November, 2005. I focussed on the colours of the landscapes around me and the elements of the landscape that speak to me. I also restricted myself to using only pieces of other landscapes; chunks cropped or cut from larger landscape hangings. I’m pretty happy with it. Just need to finish the edge – ran out of thread.

But back to Abstract-Challenge.

The basic premise of the group is that the list owner releases a theme or word at the beginning of each month.

The summary of the group as found on its Yahoo page is:

The challenge is to express a concept in an 8″ by 8″ square quilt using abstract representations. Discussion is encouraged on how one would depict the chosen concept (a different one each month), including pictures, etc. of the conceptualizations.

It’s a pretty lively group, with a wide array of talent and visions. I’m not always the most abstract of people, but I’ve lately been feeling like there’s an abstract entity inside of me waiting to be released on to the unsuspecting world, and so I’ve been exploring techniques and ideas that might be more conducive to the abstract than to the literal. Hopefully I’ll have some results to post in the next little while…


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  1. missmary says:

    Your quilting is beautiful. Using the different types of materials make all the difference in the world. All your photos are great. Mary

  2. missmary says:

    I just realized that your work is fiber art. It is beautiful…Mary

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