Just for kicks…

I get a real kick out of seeing what brings people to my blog. Often, the list of referrers is full of folks I know, but the news ones can be quite intriguing, especially when they arrive via a “next WordPress blog” link or somesuch.

Even more amusing are the search terms that somehow dump people at my weblog. The most recent batch includes the following:

  • torbay newfoundland
  • ferryland lighthouse
  • Person Stuck Inside a Washing Machine
  • Making rocks
  • dog toenail painting
  • internal organs diagram of the sperm whale

I truly wonder at a couple, but none of them compare to the results Craig Welsh saw when he posted about nude curlers. That there is a calendar of nude women curlers in various and sundry poses surprises me not. After all, we live in the day of Calendar Girls and the Bags and Little Whistles accordian calendar.

But women in curlers? Um…

I am wondering how I got tagged as being related to a person in a washing machine, though. Some days I feel like one, but I can’t recall ever having blogged it.


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  1. Craig says:

    You can’t believe the volume of people coming through my site the past week looking for that. It’s starting to die down, but no kidding, my site numbers doubled last week.

    Nudity is the way to go for boosting site numbers, apparently. Not that I shall be posting many more nude pics on the blog. Oddly, the wife seems to have a problem with that.

  2. sarai says:

    I like that washing machine one too. Go figure!

    My favourite from my own blog was a search for “students who passed their math midterm, but failed the course anyway”. I don’t recall that ever happening to me, but I have the utmost of sympathy for those to whom it does.

  3. Marsha says:

    I am also amazed at how people find my website thru searches. somedays it is very amuzing.

  4. arlee says:

    My favourite was the query for “girdle girls” or “sexy gridle girls”—spelled that way :} Ya gotta wonder………………..or “how to buy crayons” or “sausage books”——HUH?????

  5. sarai says:

    How to buy crayons?! Um. You go to the store…

    That was my daily laugh, thanks!

  6. sureby says:

    My fav for someone finding my blog was a google search for “bleeding tongue”. I’m pretty sure that person had more serious issues going on than finding my blog.

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