Because I forgot to post them…..


You’ve seen the covers of the latest book, but here are some of the contents!

After a fiddling with new ideas and exploring some themes, I found myself looking at the collected results and thinking that another book was coming together rather nicely. I still haven’t decided on all of the text. I’m tossing around two or three ideas at present and rereading some of my university books on medieval history, for fun and inspiration. If you have an interest in books and medieval books, I highly recommend Christopher de Hamel’s A History of Illuminated Manuscripts. It’s one of those somewhat expensive books that I have not once regretted buying.

These are the fabrics for the pages of Book 2. It’ll finish up to be around 9×10″.

fabrics book 2

This is one of the embellishment components. It’s a common motif in medieval manuscripts.
Pointed square

This is a “B” from a “Beatus Page” and is based on an illuminated initial in a ninth-century manuscript from Saint-Denis.

This border is based on a drawing in a 12th century German manuscript.
Blue Strip

Starting the layout… I have plenty of suitable images from my recent explorations in windows, doorways, arches, stones and whatnot. Here are a few tentative page images. This book will have a coptic binding too, mainly because I had so much fun with the last one!
preliminary page 4

preliminary page 3

preliminary page 2

preliminary page 1

So you can see how the pages start to unfold design-wise. I should be able to pull this together over the next week….


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