Sometimes they give me a day pass…

… and sometimes I escape and run away, screaming.

Today was somewhere inbetween, as I had moderate cabin fever and was having an allergic reaction to motherhood. John booted me for an hour or so and I meandered over snow-infested roads, in search of something visually stimulating. My daughter is cute, the dogs are wonderful and my husband’s appearance is steadily improving, but all begin to pale after a bit.

It was cold.

By cold, I mean the finger-numbing, bone-aching, can’t-push-the-shutter-and-was-that-pinging-noise-my-finger-falling-off frigidity. So I shot a few pictures. Quickly. Unfortunately, none could be gotten from the car. So I froze. And took pictures. And ruminated on how I rarely use red in my work….

This barn houses Newfoundland ponies. None were in evidence today. Smart ponies.


Thaw and freeze.

Flatrock was snow-filled and cold, too.
Red Head

Flatrock Jetty
It looks like just another point of rock, but the arm sticking out the furthest is actually a launch.

So I got a few pictures, had a brief taste of pseudo-freedom and enjoyed an hour of no one asking me for juice, trains or noodles and cheese. Bliss.

When I got back, my family was much more appealing. Funny how time away from me smartens them up.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Helen says:


    I know exactly what you mean by escaping from children for a while! Sometimes you just have to get away. Thats how I got into textiles – went to college one say a week when DS was one. Now look where it’s got me!!!! I’ve never been so happy 🙂 Helen

  2. sarai says:

    I hope your fingers are okay! I find that the thawing-out is the worst. I feel like I should feel cosy, safe, and warm, but instead I am hopping mad with burning extremities that can’t even hold a hot drink.

    Glad to hear that your family smartened up while you were gone. I love the set of pictures you got. The cold may not have been enjoyable, but the fruits of your labours are.

  3. herhhimnbryn says:

    OH I love these stunning images. Thankyou so much for sharing them. Best wishes from Australia

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