“Look Marge, we caught another one!”

Photo credit:
From iron wrought, originally uploaded by John_TH.

You know those jokes where an old couple does something like set up a phoney road sign and watch for tourists who fall prey to their misguiding ploys. One of them always calls out to the other, “Look, Soandso, we caught another one!” (In particular, I remember Bill Cosby’s sketch about driving a standard in San Francisco and finding a stop sign at the top of a steep hill.)

This weekend I lured in another one, with some help from Heather, as my my husband is now armed with a blog, a digital camera, Flickr account and a high-speed connection (we finally got a router). He always loved photography and I’m hoping his fingers and eyes haven’t forgotten their skill.

It’s like giving a heroin to a junkie……


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