Irrationally bad mood

A promise of springI’ve been feeling vague as regards work for the last week or so and it has been a truly annoying experience. Actually, I’ve been feeling dissatisfied in general and it frustrates me which, in turn, doesn’t help.

It’s not helping that it feels like it should be Thursday, while in reality it’s only Tuesday. I’ve tried looking at this positively and telling myself, “Hey, you have an extra two days in the week in which you can get things done!” but it really doesn’t work.

I suspect my mood partially has something to do with not getting any time for the last few weekends to work by myself with no one around. It also seems that no matter how hard I try, SOMETHING interrupts my evening, whether it’s the phone ringing incessantly, John chatting at me or wanting to work in the same room as me, Katherine wanting something, household stuff needing doing, meetings, or whathaveyou. But those can’t be the whole thing, because when I’m in a groove, I can ignore the phone, skip the housework and lock people out of my studio. No, I’m mentally distracted and unable to focus.

I’ve still been working, mind you. There are always things to do that can be done without the gleam of inspiration. It’s not the same, though.

So I’m sitting here feeling frustrated and, frankly, bored with being frustrated. I’ve tried to work on a couple of different things that, normally, I’d be enthused about, but there’s no fire. Lots of damp, choking smoke, but no ignition.

I’m going to try blocking the next few evenings out for work and kicking everyone out of my studio. Hopefully that will provide some momentum to get things rolling again. For now, I’m going to plan out a project for tomorrow, have a hot bath and hit the sack. Three nights of five hours sleep a night is probably not helping.


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  1. sarai says:

    Yipe! Spring fever perhaps? No fun, whatever it is. I hope your fire comes back quickly.

    Maybe you need an evening off: just you and an old comedy… Some new music, or a new dish for supper? It might refresh you a bit.

    Hang in there!

  2. Helen says:


    Having a toddler around can be so draining – my little boy is 5.5yr now and it’s SO much better!!! Hang in there – your time will come again. Helen

  3. vickyth says:

    Hanging in…. thanks to both of you.
    Helen – it’s so good to know that things level out a bit as they get older. Now if we can just avoid having another one…..

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