Some Days: Creative juices fizzled by fate

Yesterday John got walloped from behind by a Ford Ranger. When you're driving a Tercel (think small), getting hit by such an animal is a bit of a jolt to the system. John was feeling okay yesterday, but is now becoming progressively more sore. Our car couldn't get much sorer:


To make matter even more fun, they're claiming it'll take $6000 to repair the car. The car has a value of about $3500, give or take. The loan still outstanding on the car is for more than the valuation (but less than the damage).

Thus far, the fault seems to be all with the other side (unless they lie). The basic situation was that John was driving along the highway and drove into a snowdrift that was uncleared and in the middle of the lane. He didn't skid or spin, just stopped. The guy behind him hit him less than three seconds later and actually spun the car out into the other lane. The fellow driving didn't own the vehicle (it was his brother's). They exchanged info and John limped the car home, as it was drivable (gingerly).

So John has spent the morning running around getting cars appraised, loaners in place, statements made to police, adjusters contacted and doctors seen. None of this is actually helpful to a guy whose back and shoulders have just taken a helluva whack. Meanwhile I've been sitting here trying to figure out how the heck all this will play out. The money and John's health are my chief worries. I've been going through the motions of working, just to give my mind something to do, but it's not really having much effect.

I can't do the statements, doctor or even insurance stuff because I'm not John and they need to deal with him. I can't even go with him because our carseat was in the car during impact and, even if there's no kid in the seat, a carseat that has been in a car during an accident has to be replaced. So he's out there dealing with stuff and I'm sitting here, worrying. 

"Rattled" is a good word.

One of the worst parts of being an artist is having to mentally shut stuff like this out so that you can work. At least in jobs where someone else dictates your schedule, you can go through the motions without thinking too much. I have to make up the motions as I go.

I just hope his shoulders and neck are okay in short order.

Must go paint some fabric. That's pleasant enough and physically preoccupying enough (you kinda have to finish it once you start) to occupy me until next I hear from him.


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  1. Kirsten says:

    Yikes! Ack, that’s really scary – even when the damage is all to the car, it’s the *idea* that is terrifying. I’m glad that he’s not very badly hurt, though, and I hope the back & shoulder ache wears off quickly.

    Would the insurance let you write off the car completely? We had a weird incident in New York where the car got flooded beyond repair at a dealer, and they had to give us the book value for the car (which was not really worth book value, so it worked out better for us). Of course, those were different circumstances, and insurance laws are different in the US, but… *shrugs*

  2. sue b says:

    So sorry about this accident. I know how you feel about not being able to work due to the distraction, stress and worry about the situation. I’m the same way, and it’s hard to shut off the outside world in situations such as this. It’s a bit like having a dam built in the middle of the creativity river. But never fear because eventually the dam will break and the creativity will flow again. For me in those situations I turn to my first love before fiber arts – cooking. I cook up a storm. Cookies, casseroles and comfort food. Makes me feel good to feed the ones I love. corny I know, but true.

  3. sarai says:

    Hugs to you, Vicky! And sympathy to John who is probably a bit sore for hugs. I’m keeping you all in my thoughts. You seem to be doing better than I would be. (Housecleaning is the only kind of work I find I can get done when I am rattled; it can be as vigourous as you need it to be.) Take care.

  4. arlee says:

    Intuitive techniques help greatly, as do the cooking and cleaning–strange how that works for us artist who generally can’t be bothered :}
    Hope John’s feeling better and things work out to your advantages!!!!

  5. herhimnbryn says:

    Hallo from sunny Australia,
    It’s a while since i dropped by your blog and have just caught up, reading everything.
    1. I am sure the awful car stuff will get sorted out. I know how helpless you can feel at such a time.
    2. Your images are quite stunning and very beautiful. Thankyou for sharing them. Seeing snow and a wild ocean is just what I need at the moment (it’s been very hot here, although now we have cyclones coming in).
    3. The wrought iron work made me homesick for the Uk ( going back in May) and Canterbury Cathedral.
    Once again thankyou for all those images.

  6. Vicky says:

    Thanks everyone – I would have been back to you all yesterday, but the phone line went down right after I posted this entry. Today I have a sick child, so time is limited. They say trouble comes in threes – maybe I’m done now?

    Kirsten – that’s probably what will happen, but the book value is less than the outstanding loan AND we would have to look at the whole process of getting anew car.
    Sue & Sarai – thanks – baking might just help me today. Cleaning got me through yesterday
    Arlee – my studio is now tidy, although I did actually manage to get some real work done, despite brain frazzles.
    herhimnbryn – Thanks so much for coming by! Your message about my photos made my morning.

    Thanks to all of you – I really, really needed the support. Hopefully today will be better!

  7. Ouch! I am so glad that no one was seriously hurt; damn SUV’s are highway-legal tanks.

    As a fellow Driver-of-Small-Car, SUV’s and transport trucks are my nightmare. John needs to take it easy, his body has absorbed one nasty shock. With TLC, all whould be fine in no time.


  8. sureby says:

    Gee, that is awful. I hope everyone is feeling better soon and you get the insurance stuff cleared up quickly.

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