Cool Camera Concept

With thanks to Sure B'y for digging up this fabulous idea and great links which I am shamelessly hustling, here's a link to World Pinhole Photography Day.

Those interested still have around two weeks to make their cameras and get moving on taking pictures. Start now, as the exposure time for lens-less photos is often significantly longer than what you're used to. And you have to use film. You remember film, right?

I made one of these as a kid. Might be time to try again….
Manny Bucheit's work (from Newfoundland) was posted last year. Have a look at the galleries from Pinhole Days of yore.

Have I tweaked your interest, Rexton?


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  1. sureby says:

    Yay! Good for you, Vicky, for taking up the cause. I am no photographer but I do appreciate great pictures and I would love to see a huge contingent of Newfoundland and Labrador “pinhole pictures” this year.

  2. rexton says:

    I’ve made them before, but usually without film. The main reason was to watch eclipses. The biggest I made was 7 feet long when I was at MUN, and the sun’s disk was large enough to see lots of sunspots. The Bailey’s Beads were very clear.

    One year we took a lab and made a pinhole room for an open house. A couple of people actually had some old hats, etc. It was amusing.

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