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Echo Location

So we replaced the poor blue Tercel with an Echo, the car that replaced the Tercel in 2000. They've since stopped making the Echo and now make a vehicle called the Yaris. Cool car, stupid name. Anyway, here's the new car. We picked it up on Thursday and took it out for a highway test on Friday. A tank of gas in this car will go just about 700km (cost of $35 or so Canadian – fuel is expensive these days), and that's a combination of highway and in-town motoring.

Anyway, the car is great. Drives nicely, etc. More importantly, it took us to Salmon Cove Sand, one of the few sandy beaches on the Avalon Peninsula. Here's what we saw:

Salmon Cove Sands

It was low tide and the beaches were replete with sand, water, reflections and seashells!

Katherine sees a jet

Sand dollar

Mooned and marooned
Katherine had gobs of fun. Had to empty her boots out at least twice.

Nota bene: sand is not good for cameras. Mine now needs cleaning.
Sand riffles created by water action. We were there during low tide. We all headed to Salmon Cove Sands for an outing today. Found lots of shells, had the beach more or less to ourselves and enjoyed wind, water and sun.


Then we mosied across the peninsula to Heart's Content. Had a picnic by the lighthouse and explored around a bit.
Look way up
It was an amazingly beautiful day, which is good because the rest of the weekend was wet and cold.

Saturday was a Saturday, but perked up when we went to the Pateys for supper. Katherine chatted all the way home about the food (spiced carrots and baby corn, noodles and cauliflower paprikash) and was quite taken with the brownies for dessert. A good time was had by all and once again I proved that I can get drunk on half a glass of wine. Efficient, that's me.
Easter Sunday saw us ploughing through snow to get down to Shoe Cove. We always go to Shoe Cove on Easter Sunday (when possible), as it was where we went on the first Easter Sunday that we were together. That was…. erk….. twelve years ago. Anyway, unlike that Sunday in 1994, it was yucky and wet and cold. But we had fun.

Pussywillows, cat-tails....
Katherine had a good weekend. Apart from the beach, there was chocolate. It would seem that she likes chocolate….


Butterfly tendancies
There are pictures that she'll pay me to delete when she gets older…..

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