A reflection on my mental state today

Introspection, originally uploaded by VickyTH.


Peering into the mists of a thick fog is an intriguing (and often vain) pursuit.

This is what Newfoundlanders call "capelin weather" – wet and cold and foggy. Usually this kind of weather accompanies the ocean currents that bring the capelin (really small fish like kippers). The whales follow the capelin. Of course, this usually occurs in June…. We haven't had any icebergs yet (they come before the capelin).



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  1. Scotty says:

    I am happy I escaped capelin weather this year, Vicky. Although, one never knows what June will hold. I hardly expect to be cavorting in my cut offs until July at the earliest.

    (Bloggers Note: I do not cavort, nor do I wear cut offs. I just want to clarify that.)

  2. vickyth says:

    I've been frolicking in my capris today…. Cavorting is perfectly allowable. Cutoffs are fine, if you have the legs for them (it takes special legs to be able to really wear cutoffs).

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