This morning….

…there were butterflies outside in our garden.
Flutter by

Maybe summer really will come, after all.
Vibrant colours of spring


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  1. sarai says:

    A Painted Lady? Beautiful. Haven’t seen any here yet…

  2. vickyth says:

    No, I didn’t have the camera around at the time and used a “file” photo from last year. I’ve since found the camera, tracked down a stationary insect and replaced the shot – the real butterfly is shown above. What kind did I really see? There were dozens of them.

  3. sureby says:

    Well, doesn’t that just fill your heart with hope? What a gorgeous picture.

  4. sarai says:

    I don’t recognize that species personally, but after seeing your pictures I had to go do a hunt. I believe it to be a Milbert’s Tortoiseshell:'sTortoiseshell_e.php

    It is a beautiful species, judging from your pictures. Thank you!

  5. vickyth says:

    Thanks for finding that out, Sarai! you’ll get to see a few when you move east, no doubt!

  6. Kim says:

    What a beautiful picture! What kind of flower are those, they are so pretty.

  7. vickyth says:

    Hi Kim, It’s a spring heather (or more accurately, heath), Erica carnea. We have a white variety blooming, too. They’re more or less the first things to flower around our yard. They grow well in Newfoundland’s accidic soils and are basically maintenance-free, which is why I’m quite enamoured of them.

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