Out and about


The weather has been halfways decent lately (it only rains about 40% of the time), so Katherine and I have been able to meander about Torbay and explore a bit. We walked down to a place called "The Meadows" the other day for an amble. Took Wikket along, at Katherine's insistence. She really likes walking with the dogs, especially Wikket and Moss.

Here are Katherine and Wikket, playing and hanging out, backdropped by some pretty spectacular scenery.  I still can't believe that we live here, sometimes…
Partners in crime

She found a feather! I successfully fought the adult urge to tell her that it was dirty and not to touch it. She brought it home (she's way past putting things or fingers in her mouth) and I settled for a hand washing  afterwards.

Found a feather
Running with gleeful abandon! I love this shot.
Katherine runs
Throwing sticks for Wikket is a favourite activity. in fact, most kids love it.

Note to dog owners: if you have a dog who is scared of kids, teach the dog to retrieve things that kids throw and teach kids to throw for them. Wikket was terrified of kids when younger and now loves them because they're useful.
Sticks for wikket

Running with a favourite dog, throwing sticks and laughing in a sunny field with a warm breeze while the waves crash on the rocks below and the seagulls wheel above your head….. does it get any better?

Sea caves… the left-hand one has collapsed. I still haven't explored them. It's a scramble to get down and not possible with a kid. If we ever get to sea kayak around here, though, there are some fabulous cavernous caves to been seen from the water!

Sea caves

Home in the garden, the crocuses are just finishing up.Opening
Arms open
Reaching for the sun
I love spring! It'll soon be time to start seriously working in the garden (yay!). And painting fabric outdoors – one of my favourite summer activities!


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  1. debra says:

    Ah… walking in an open field with a border collie… what could be more fun?

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