Let the festivities begin!

Pile of Dirt

The 2nd Annual Taylor-Hood Dirt Party is scheduled for Saturday, May 20th.

Celebrations will begin anytime after 9am and will continue throughout the day.

Events include:


  • rock garden construction
  • top dressing of lawn
  • flower bed filling
  • stone wall construction
  • lawn sodding and seeding
  • rock raking
  • stone step building
  • hand washing

The feast will be a barbeque of hot dogs, hamburgers, veggies, ice cream and anything else that looks good at Costco. Vegetarian fare will be served.

Beverages of all sorts available. Coffee is a certainty.

Prizes to be awarded to particpants in the following categories:


  • most creative use of a shovel
  • fastest wheelbarrow fill and transport
  • most accurate wheelbarrow fill and transport
  • best use of rocks
  • child that causes their parents the least grief
  • gardener extraordinaire

All welcome! Bring garden tools and gloves! Email me for further details!

dirt with k small.jpg


3 Comments Add yours

  1. I am going to refrain from kneeling, since that’s what set off my knee horrors last year. I can probably dig, and can definitely shepherd children, cook, and take photos. Your garden is so gorgeous that its worth pitching in just to get to look at the flower pictures. That, and coffee. See you sometime mid-morning.

  2. The duck story is so appealing. Sounds like something I’d do too! I have lots of ducks and geese of my own so I can relate. Glad it all turned out well.

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