Repairs made…


Finished off the repairs on the baby quilt last night. The quilt as it was initially presented to me is below and below that is a photo of the repaired quilt. I added a new binding (over the old – nothing was removed), stiched down the sashing, repaired a couple of major tears in the fabric and reinforced a couple of worn spots with a cotton backing from inside before darning them closed.

whole quilt 2 resized.jpg

repaired quilt

Everything was done by hand because the original was entirely hand stitched and I wanted the seam integrity an feel to be similar. Also, hand-stitched antique quilts are very irregular and sewing irregular seams through fragile fabric is a lot easier by hand than by machine. It's easier to compensate for waves and bends when hand sewing. So the binding is appliquéd over the original. The corners are butted rather than mitred, to reflect the sashing seams in the quilt, which were butted.
Here you can see the edge before….

edge 1 resized.jpg

… and after.

repaired edge

My basic premise was to remove nothing, change little and preserve the original quilt.  Where that required adding fabric, I stuck with the idea of preserving a feel for the original. 

It was definitely an interesting project. Rather spooky, truth to tell.


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  1. rexton says:

    I really like your philosophy and approach. How long did it take?

  2. MargaretR says:

    You did a wonderful restoration job on the quilt i’m sure they were pleased with it. I hope they appreciate the work that went into it and how difficult it was.

  3. cac says:

    Do you make & sale these, also? I am looking for a VERY special gift for a dear friend & this look really caught my eye.

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